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A Different Perspective of National Libraries.. PDF Print E-mail
Contrary to what most people may think, even national libraries are struggling to survive. In war-torn Afghanistan there is no official national library. Therefore, the central public library in Kabul has taken up the role of playing the National Library of Afghanistan, for lack of a better library. All their books are pre-1980’s and the new books are only in the children’s section. Most of the staff have not taken any courses in librarianship, but have a visible desire to help out in any way possible.
Gift books have been donated to the library from Iran and the United States, but are still shelved away, not catalogued and available to the public. Gholamreza Amirkhani, a professor from the National Library of Iran the academic Library of Kabul University and found it was a horrific place designated for book burning during the Taliban regime’s rule.