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Hong Kong Library Association

The Hong Kong Library Association has proudly served the cause of librarianship in Hong Kong since 1958. Comprising active members from all walks of life, we work to promote librarianship, offer opportunities for professional growth, networking, and community service. We are committed to a free and open exchange of information.Read More...

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India Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres (IASLIC)

The mark of nineteenth century brought the development of many special libraries in India. By beginning of twentieth century a need was felt to develop an association of such special libraries to have better co-operation among these libraries across the country. An attempt was made in 1949 to set up a special library association as a wing of the Indian Library Association. It did not materialize immediately.

The Association

In the forgoing perspective, the IASLIC, acronym for the Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres, was established on 3rd September 1955 as a non-profit making national, professional body to

•        undertake, support and co-ordinate research and studies

•        organize general and special meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences at national and regional level

•        publish journals, monographs, manuals, newsletters, papers, proceedings and reports

•        conduct short-term training courses

•        collaborate with other fraternal bodies in promoting the interests of the library and information profession

•        undertake such other activities which are incidental and conducive to the attainment of its objects.Read More...

Indian Library Association PDF Print E-mail

Indian Library Association

The Indian Library Association is a premier association committed to the cause of Library Movement and Development. The Indian Library Association is the national association which represents those who work in or advocate for Indian libraries. ILA members work in college, university, public, special (corporate, non-profit and government) and school libraries.

ILA has provided a wide variety of services and programs to its members and others in the library community since its formation in 1933. ILA's Executive Council and its divisions are advised by others groups and committees.The year 1933 happens to be the most significant year in the history of Library and Information Science in India. It was September 13, 1933 when Indian Library Association was formally formed at the First All India Library Conference at Calcutta.Read More...

Israeli Association of Librarians and Information Professionals PDF Print E-mail

Israeli Association of Librarians and Information Professionals

Founded in 1966, SEMEL ASMI, the Israeli Association of Libraries and Information Centers, is an independent, non-profit organization of librarians and information professionals.

The Association's goals:

To support and advance the profession,

To create opportunities for cooperation and exchange of ideas,

To create and sponsor activities which further enhance knowledge and skills.  Read More...

Japan Library Association (JLA) PDF Print E-mail

The Japan Library Association (JLA)

The Japan Library Association (JLA), founded in 1892, was continuously promoted the development of libraries and librarianship, and its activities has been supported by countless dedicated librarians for over 100 years. JLA represents all type of libraries and related organizations in Japan and consists of 6,700 individual members and 2,800 institutional members. In 2001, JLA held its 87th All-Japan Library Conference.

Many regional library associations are affiliated with JLA and have their own various activities for libraries in local prefectures and cities.JLA has been the Japanese national association member of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) since 1929 and took a major role of holding the IFLA Tokyo Conference in 1986.Read More...

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