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Association For Information Management (ASLIB)

ASLIB was founded in 1924 as the Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureaux with a remit (which it maintains today) to welcome practitioners in all aspects of information management, rather than only libraries and librarians.

ASLIB has played a significant role in the life of the nation, and in information management throughout its history. During World War II ASLIB used information management expertise and innovation to provide leadership and monitor oversees newspapers. ASLIB fed relevant information to Government departments. It also stepped in to provide professional education and training when the only university course in existence at the time had to close down. ASLIB (which is the name pure and simple, it is no longer and acronym) continues to play a strong role in professional development through its training courses and publishing programme.

Innovation, adaptability and leadership have been key features of ASLIB over the years through its publications, Communities of Practice, conferences, meetings and consultancy. The ASLIB Information Resources Management special interest group was at the forefront of Knowledge Management for example when that area of practice began to develop. ASLIB played a key role in the development of BOPCAS (British Official Publications Current Awareness Service) in partnership with the University of Southampton.Read More...

Ghana Library Association (GLA) PDF Print E-mail

The Ghana Library Association (GLA)

The Ghana Library Association (GLA) was founded in 1962 as an offshoot of the West African Library Association (WALA). After the independence of the Anglophone West African countries the main regional body (WALA) began to suffer as each country began to concentrate on its internal national affairs. This in part caused the disintegration of WALA.

The GLA was registered as a Professional Association under the Professional Bodies Degree NRCD 143 of 1973 with Registered No. PB 21 on 2nd August 1986 in accordance with the Laws of Ghana.The GLA is the main recognized parasol body representing libraries and information services in the country. Though the GLA is over 50 years old, there were extraordinary inactive years in the life of the Association from the mid 1970’s to the early 1980’s. This was marked by a period of inactivity and constraints such as lack of finance and inadequate commitment of the leadership and members. The revival in 1983 put the Association back on its feet.Read More...

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